About Author

#Neeloy Roy Chowdhury is a Technology Sales Leader by Profession and an accidental writer by passion. An Engineer and MBA by qualification, Neeloy has 23 years of global experience, having travelled widely and fostering professional relationships with a diverse set of people from different parts of the globe. He is passionate about Technology and Human Resources, and is an avid speaker on these topics at various public fora and media.

He tumbled into the literary world literally by chance during the COVID-19 Lockdown in 2021, crystallising his life’s learnings and experiences into books. His debut book “BET YOU WON’T READ THIS” was launched in July 2021 and the 2nd Book “DEVIL’S I” in November 2021. These 2 books have been in the personal transformational and motivation genre and have received appreciation from readers across various walks of life, many of whom have had significant positive impacts in their journeys. His next 2 books are in the fictional and thriller genre.

Visiting Faculty- Marketing Management (YMCA New Delhi) - Neeloy has also ventured into the teaching/coaching space in his endeavour to bridge the professional and academic world, and help prepare the current youth to have a smoother transition into the corporate world. He is drawing upon 2.5 decades of his professional journey and helping students imbibe a growth and learning mindset along with resilience and agility.

Having seen a tumultuous journey in life with several inflexion points and ground breaking experiences, Neeloy believes in embracing negative to be positive and leveraging rejection into rebooting and redirection. Residing in New Delhi, India, Neeloy is a private and unobtrusive person at heart, his world revolving around his 10-year-old daughter.

Bet you Won't read this
Don't pay attention to... Don't engage with... Negative Emotions. In this book, Neeloy Roy Chowdhury challenges this age old belief. Through anecdotes and real-life stories, Neeloy shares tips on how to embrace negative to be positive! Neeloy Roy Chowdhury is a technology sales and business development executive by profession, and, an accidental writer by passion! Shy, unobtrusive, reticent by nature, his world revolves around his 10-year-old daughter. A single father, in the process of rebooting his life, he stumbled into the literary world, literally by chance. Average in almost all physical, social, and economic attributes, Neeloy, like millions of people, only has the riches of experiences, learnings, negative and positive emotions, and, restarting. The idea behind this book is a contrarian view to the cacophony of treating, dealing with, and healing negative emotions, with the hope of moving towards positivity. Since negative emotions are so much more prevalent, intense, and universal, why can’t we smartly use, and not shun them, to move towards positive outcomes?
Devil's I
Devil's I For us common people, our biggest crisis today is to manage the juxta-positioning of our personal and professional lives in the new Work from Home and Study from Scenarios, balancing the medical, economic, psychological, family states of well-being. To top it off, dealing with news of deaths, illnesses, multiple Covid waves, uncertain economic scenarios… This atmosphere is extremely non conducive to our hectic timetables, our multi-tasking personas as long as we are awake and active. This book gives you a stepwise approach to ride the storm, to be more precise Revoke the Devil’s Eye, Multiply Other Eyes, Invoke the Storms Eye, daily and plough on to achieving my goals with my secret weapons. And lastly to traverse the full circle, provide the Others’ Eye, their Inspiration and thus reach the topmost portion of Maslow’s pyramid in the everyday world.